Saturday, June 25, 2011

Why you are wasting your time with all of that Cardio.

Most of us that are able to make it to the gym get on the treadmill for 20 minutes, the elliptical, or if we are feeling fierce, we might attempt the stair master. These are all better then nothing but let us break down the math quick. Lets say we were going at an impressive speed on the tread mill and burnt 150 calories (this is very gracious seeing as it would more then likely take you 45 minutes to an hour to burn this), what are you eating post work out? If it is anything more then a rice cake you are consuming more then you have just burnt at the gym. Researchers have established that we tend to over eat after a moderate to intense work-out. So if not Cardio, then what?

Lift Weights!

The first excuse I hear is from the ladies. "But I don't want to get big/bulky/muscly/etc. YOU WILL NOT. The females you see who are all jacked up train specifically to look that way, which requires hours a day of training and an intensely focused diet or Danielle was born Dan. Either way, you will not get bulky. It requires testosterone in amounts that most females do not possess to gain muscles like a man.

Why Is Lifting Weights Superior to Cardio?

Muscles consume calories to sustain themselves. The bigger/denser the muscle, the more calories they require. An added bonus for the ladies, you know that mystical thing called cellulite? Well the word was invented by advertising campaigns by beauty magazines to help sell products. All cellulite is, is fat. All you need to do to remove it is to gain muscle. The exercise I recommend over and over again is the Kettle Ball Swing. This Work out will, if done 3x a week of at least 100 reps, will reduce and eventually eliminate all signs of Cellulite and get your back side and thighs were you want them to be. 
Lifting weights cause a hormonal response in the body that makes your body burn calories up to 48 hours after working out. So stop wasting your time on the treadmill, go grab a kettle ball, and swing the fat off.

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