Thursday, June 23, 2011

Unknown Alternative Treatments to Cancer

"If you want to give someone cancer, give them chemotherapy."

Let me address the most impotent issue right away. I am grossly under qualified to talk about any of these treatments. All I am seeking to do is to present some less known alternatives here so that maybe even one desperate parent, brother, sister, son, daughter, or friend can find another idea differing from the standard chemotherapy and radiation option that carriers with it the questionable 2.3 average success rate.


I'd like to address the fact that antineoplastons is not a word according to my spellchecker, I can rest a little easier for claiming its anonymity. The Antineoplastons were discovered, researched and patented by Dr. Burzynski as far back as the 70's. Watch the first 30 minutes of this video for the science behind this treatment. Feel free to continue on until the end if you so feel compelled.

Burzynski, The Movie

Extremely High Doses of Vitamin C

High doses of vitamins as treatment for cancer has been around for a few decades, however it is against the law to treat cancer with this method in the united states. There is one american doctor that I am aware of that practices it in New Mexico, Dr Dan Rogers M.D., N.M.D. He has a 50% success rate with terminally ill patients. Check out the following documentary for more details, if you wish to skip straight to the Cancer part start at 47:46. 

Food Matters

or if you have Netflix, search Food Matters.

Please add any information that could add to this post and I will continually update it. 

Thank you.

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