Monday, June 20, 2011

How Caffeine and Grapefruit can burn fat for you while you game.

It's 3am and you've been silently knifing oblivious enemies online for the last four hours. Strewn around your room is your secret weapon, empty Mountain Dew cans and Monster energy drinks.

We consume soft drinks, energy drinks, coffee, and some foods for one common stimulant, Caffeine. However the carbonation and sugar in soft drinks increase tooth decay. The added ingredients in most energy drinks are hazards to your health, and the majority of the food is over processed and synthetic. So what should the caffeine junky do to quench his addiction?

My best experience thus far has been with the 5 hour energy drink. (I have no financial stake in 5 hour) Take small to moderate sips throughout the day when needed instead of the all in one gulp that will leave you jittery and spastic.

Caffeine increases metabolism thus increasing fat loss. Pair your caffeine intake with 4-8oz of grape fruit to get a two fold benefit. 1) You will increase the duration of the caffeine's stimulant effect. 2) You will increase the rate of the fat burning process.

So the next time you see that a**hole who is leading the team in kill death spread, remember where your 5 hour and grapefruit juice is, and go knife him from across the map.

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